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Check the section News where you will find information about realization of the project. You can find news on Facebook page of Change it! and project Nenech sebou zametat! as well.

Funded by Erasmus+ Programme

Partners of the currently realized project under the Erasmus+ Programme

Nie Daj Sobą Pomiatać (Poland)

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Project description "Empowerment for Youth Workers"

In our project we want to respond to the problem that some of the current problems and issues in the implementation of activities for young people is not always given sufficient attention, especially working with ICT, covering topics such empowerment, employability and entrepreneurship. The fundamental shortcoming we also found on the impact of projects and related activities. Therefore we decided to implement this training which will be based primarily on understanding the problems of "3E" and will solve partial problems of partner organizations, it will serve as the exchange of good practices and it will affect the rights of the problematic issues in the preparation and implementation of youth projects - impact and promotion.


  • 32 active young people in working with youth understand better to the selected problematical issues in the preparation and implementation of projects in the field of youth.
  • These participants are familiar with examples of good practice, they will be able to share their experiences and discuss selected issues.
  • During this training they will test in practice the methods of lobbying, effective methods of working with modern ICT in the youth field (effective communication, current issues in the field), understand the issues, "3E" detail will work with the concept and activities for strengthening within their organizations, focusing also on job opportunities in the long-term impact with their projects.
  • Participants will understand in more detail the issue of key competences in relation to YouthPass (competences we analyse from the perspective of Erasmus+ and EC, but also from a pedagogical point of view with regard to formal education).

The target group consists of youth workers aged 18 - 40 years who have prior experience in implementing projects for young people so they are not complete beginners or novices still in the area.

Project description "NSZ across Europe"

We have created the project after communication with our previous partners from the project Don't let them mess with you! (Nenech sebou zametat!), because we are still missing common cooperation in peer learning education or non formal education about ICT, cyberbullying, bullying and human rights. During our previous project we have been working with more then 3500 youngsters for almost 3 years and also through our surveys we have seen that our activities are needed. Now we want to extend our cooperation because we don´t want to stay just in bilateral cooperation (Czech Republic and Poland).

The main aim of the project is to show to another organisations how to make activities based on peer learning in connection to ICT, cyberbullying, bullying and human rights. 32 participants (between age 18 and 30) of this TCA would be able to make workshops about these topics after this training. And they would be able to implement new ICT methodology into their work.

This one-week TCA is based on workshops, discussions, best practises and innovation and implementation to the future activities of the participating organisations.