“Getting it right!” a Top 5 List Describing “Best in” class learning organizations

Published at 2016-05-02
Trust, common aim, commitment, real stories, feedback


For best learning in any organizations we have to start with trust. It's the first step for everything what we want to do with our employees, colleagues, teams etc. Higher levels of trust and commitment in turn are associated with higher levels of customer retention, and this leads to increased organizational profitability (Read, 2009).

Common aim

If we trust in our colleagues we can move on to understand each other and to find the common way of our collaboration. This part is really important because everybody needs to know, why he/she is doing something. If we create the aim together, or if we understand our needs and if we have probably the same motivation then everything would be really easy (learning in the organization, learning from another organizations, sharing experiences and talking about best practice etc.)


After trust and common aim is there next step - commitment is an essential ingredient for successful, long-term relationships (Biedenbach & Marell, 2010). For example, the way in which employees of an organization perform their tasks, can lead to trust, and this will have a significant impact on the commitment from the customer and therefore customer loyalty (Helkkula & Kelleher, 2010).

Real stories

Next step even for effective learning is to share real stories (best practices etc.). This part is also about learning from mistakes, because if you are going to share within your organization or colleagues some stories, which really happened, everybody can learn from it, even to avoid mistakes. You can use also some parts from your experiences to improve your future acting.


Last but not least is feedback, we have to learn how to give constructive feedback. For me is feedback really important but also not so easy (learn how to give and receive feedback). If we can use the feedback effectively, then it could be most effective tool for improvement and even empowerment of our learning and future cooperation.