What do the participant think about our work?

Published at 2015-10-29
Speaking about my experience in the training course is not really hard, because my attitude towards the organization and their work is extremely good. I applied the training course “NSZ across Europe” because I was highly interested in the topic, especially because of the fact that I was working about the same topic in my organization. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the organization itself, and their aims. I was just hoping it to be good, and that the project team would do all their best and put their enthusiasm in their work. Fortunately, I was right and they really made a great impact on me.

To start with the topic of bullying I want to say that the information they gave us was very informative and useful. Describing of the situations / or places where it usually takes place and the profiles of the victims and aggressors was fine. The fact that I liked beside the content of the workshop was that they gave us a printed version of it, which helped me to remember all this information better.

We also had workshops about the convention on the rights of the child, Bloom's taxonomy, our body language, presentation skills, making speech and so on. All this topics were interesting and useful for me. I liked the way they were representing it as well as the issues they were representing.

As for the working team, they were quite qualified which meant a lot for me. Besides it, they were very friendly with me and were trying to help me in everything. For example, I got cold there, because of the bad weather and when they saw it, they immediately brought some medicines to me. That was really good and unexpected behavior from them, so I was very thankful. So,I can give them all the positive feedback that can be done.

At last, I want to briefly speak about the accommodation and things that was provided while being in Prague. Accommodation was not great, but it was okay, the good thing about it was that, it was close to the city center which helped me to spend each free minuteexploring the city. Food and all the other things wasalso good!

In conclusion, I can definitely say that the training course was great! Working team was great! And all the other things was good. I would suggest everyone to go to that training course, with that organization at least once in their lives.

Mariam Gelashvili

Participant of the training course "NSZ across Europe"