Winning the Game in Zadar for this time

Published at 2016-09-24
The second part of youth exchange aimed on a social entrepreneurship took part in Zadar in Croatia from 1st to 9th September 2016. It brought together forty-five young people and youth workers from nine different countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey).

We have learnt many tools and also methodology, how to set up the social entrepreneurship step by step. We have learnt how to do a market research, how to plan a market strategy, how to choose a suitable target group, how to do good quality PR, how to work in team and how to take care about future. And we also had a chance to speak and see on our own eyes some successful examples of working businesses and made interview with its founders (in the start-up place Inovativni Zadar and the co-working space Coin). We had also chance to visit an international conference Homo Europeanus where we met another experts in this field and had a chance to hear an experience from all around Europe. And also there was a space for sharing our knowledge from EU and Erasmus+ in term of feeling European citizenship, discovering different cultures and also religions and be more aware of different situations in our countries among the Europe.

And as a bonus, at the very last day, we took a cruise trip to Kornati islands. It was day filled by sun, swimming, relaxation and talking, because it was our last day together, so everybody tried to catch up some more time together to strengthen our friendships and simply enjoy.

From Czech group with love,

Lada Matyášová