Young Entrepreneurs Now in Berlin

Published at 2016-10-10
How can 42 people change themselves in 9 days to became something more than have been before? To became independent and responsible entrepreneurs? To be competent and motivated to change everything what is around them? Easily with Erasmus+ program. So stay while and listen to our story.

My name is Robert and I have been part of the project for young entrepreneurs in September 2016 in Berlin. This project was the biggest opportunity and the biggest challenge of my life that changed my life forever.

There were so many foreign faces first day I arrived and so many friends last day I left. So many young people with great ideas that I was jealous at first and so many young people so opened that my and their ideas became ours in the end. So many challenges I could not accomplish by myself but when WE come to it we accomplished even challenges which were not suppose to be there.

In these 9 days we grow up together again. We learned in totally non-formal way full of diversity in nations, religions and background. We learned by playing fascinating games holding our motivation all days on very high level. Got opportunity to show our strength and skills in different team tasks to express ourselves in our own way. Challenged our limit believes and our comfort zone in Berlin city to explore our hidden values, attitudes, abilities and changed impossible to very possible.

All our ideas and everything we learned we used in one final challenge - to create our own entrepreneurship. We connected our ideas. Made strong partnerships. And made our ideas happen. Only one last challenge left - to work on sustainability of our cooperation.

In the end we learned that to be the best entrepreneur is not just about great ideas and money, but also about people around us. Our families, our friends, the guy we meet everyday in bakery, the girl we meet every week in library. People who are part of our society and Europeans values. People who live in society of solidarity, caring and contribution. People like us.

Author: Robert Veselý

Photo: Mirjana Vasic