Youth exchange "New Line for New Generation" in Berlin

Published at 2016-02-08
Our organization participated as a partner on project "New Line for New Generation" in Berlin, Germany from 11 to 20 December 2015. The main aim of the youth exchange "New Line for New Generation" is education of young people about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Objectives of the project:

  • achieving a common understanding of the terms "employability" and "social entrepreneurship" in general and their realisation in different national contexts;
  • promoting a sense of initiative, empowerment and entrepreneurship as a proper means of tackling youth unemployment;
  • creating a network of youngsters interested in entrepreneurship and social change willing to further engage in these topics and ideally realizing future joint-projects;
  • to know the possibilities of EU programs and funds available to support the reduction of youth unemployment;
  • promoting (inter)cultural dialogue and exchange among the participants and their sending organizations.

Organizor of the project is Lule Albania nonformal gorup from Germany. Project is supported by European Union Erasmus+ Programe, German National Agency. Participants of the youth exchange were 36 young people from Germany, Serbia, Armenia, Albania, Lithuania and the Czech Republic who were interested in entrepreneurship and motivated to turn their own ideas into action.

Partner organizations on the project "New Line for New Generation" were:

  • Change it!,
  • Apkabink Europa,
  • Ecological Association for the protection and improvement of the environment "EKO-MLADENOVAC",
  • Armenian Progressive Youth and
  • UNIque Junior Enterprise.
The project brochure is available here (in English).