Stužák na SOŠ Drtinova

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HE - local campaign - soutěžní foto

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HE - info day 2

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HE - info day 1

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YE "European Youth Voice" (Germany, Bonn, October 2016)

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14595717 1116339331753114 8103625131352932388 nJiž 6 let se pravidelně účastníme tohoto projektu.

YE "Youth Entrepreneurs Now", Berlin (September 2016)

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14370117 10154619969732112 6336210023911977106 nThe aim of this project is to come to terms with issues of employability and entrepreneurship by providing participants with knowledge and skills necessary for self-management, entrepreneurial competitiveness and the promotion of social inclusion. Objectives 1. Achieving a common understanding of the terms “employability” in general and their realization in different national contexts 2. Promoting a sense of initiative, empowerment and entrepreneurship as a proper means of tackling youth unemployment 3. Creating a network of youngsters interested in entrepreneurship and social change willing to further engage in these topics and ideally realizing future joint- projects 4. Getting to know the possibilities of EU programs and funds available to support the reduction of youth unemployment 5. Promoting (inter)cultural dialogue and exchange among the participants and their sending organizations


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Adaptační kurzy na Podkrušnohorském gymnáziu v Mostě, 2016

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Fb img 1473796136088V rámci našeho projektu Nenech sebou zametat! a ve spolupráci s Mosteckým parlamentem mládeže jsme uspořádali vybráne workshopy v rámci adaptačních kurzů studentů prvních ročníků.

Homo Europeanus: Public agora in Most (15. 3. 2016)

14.3.2016 , 27 fotek
Homoeuropeanus logoThe project’s overall objective is spreading more knowledge about EU, particularly in the context of the economic crisis and a general rise in anti - immigrant sentiment and xenophobia – to citizens of the member states and EU candidate countries, in order to overcome democratic deficit.

APV "Wings for You(th)", Onesti

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