Unforgettable Portugal

Published at 2015-09-11
Riding a bicycle in mountains with other 50 persons was so impressive, but most of people were too slow...........

Little Armenian Adventure

Published at 2015-09-06
Incredible week in my life, team spirit, hiking, Yerevan ...... what should I expect from this exchange?

E is just extasy and ICT experts are just programmers??!

Published at 2015-08-30
"3E" - Empowerment, employability, entrepreneurship - how to improve realization of project for youth "NSZ" - Don´t let them mess with you! is our long term project which is groving also beyond European Union border. Let´ s go use peer learning for cyberbullying and bullying prevention and talk in funny way about The Convention on the Rights of the Child. ICT and empowerment for youth workers?! These are 2 main topics for autumnal project, which are made by Change it!

"Move 2B Healthy" in Aguiar da Beira

Published at 2015-08-25
Bikes, cooking, playing classical instuments and more during amazing youth exchange in Portugal.

Hola amigos

Published at 2015-08-03
​Hola, amigos! I have never been to Spain before, but there were a lot of people who shared their experience with visiting this beautiful country with me.