Feedback on TCA NSZ across Europe!

Published at 2015-11-09
Another opinion about our training course.

What do the participant think about our work?

Published at 2015-10-29
Speaking about my experience in the training course is not really hard, because my attitude towards the organization and their work is extremely good. I applied the training course “NSZ across Europe” because I was highly interested in the topic, especially because of the fact that I was working about the same topic in my organization. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the organization itself, and their aims. I was just hoping it to be good, and that the project team would do all their best and put their enthusiasm in their work. Fortunately, I was right and they really made a great impact on me.

Feedback on TCA "NSZ across Europe"

Published at 2015-10-27
Feedback on our project from one of participants.

Let's "Boost Your Employability" in Croatia!

Published at 2015-10-22
We are taking part in a project BYE - Boost Your Employability! What is this all about?

Human Trafficking

Published at 2015-10-09
We took part during coference "Human Trafficking in 21st Century" in Minneapolis in Minnesota (USA, 9.10.2015). This conference was about prostitution, human and children right and sexual trafficking. Thanks to this conference we wanted to analyze our topics not just from European perspective.