Wings for You(th) - my newly acquired wings

Published at 2016-04-28
Wings for You(th) was an event organized thanks to the collaboration of numerous NGOs from different countries. It was financed by the European Union through the program Erasmus+. Their objective was to promote informal education, international cooperation and to raise awareness of cultural and social diversity. The project took place in Onesti, Romania, where 29 participants from 5 partner countries met and spent 10 days together.

Learning checklist for fostering meaningful conversations in teams

Published at 2016-04-25
Team learning is the systematic ability of team members to raise their “collective IQ”. That is, a team which has acquired this capacity for special type of learning, f. e. has tools for seeing the bigger picture of what is going on in its part of the systems, and can communicate that to other parts of the system.

Empowerment: Top 5 Reasons why learning in the workplace is important to me and should be for you !

Published at 2016-04-19
Innovation, empowerment, improvement, self-confidence, self-realization these are main reasons why is learning in the workplace really necessary. If we are going to focus on these 5 steps we can create good circle of education and harmony in the workplace.

“Learning Challenge”

Published at 2016-04-12
This article can probably help you, if you are trainer. Learning Challenge, Feedback, Bloom´s taxonomy, training,

Youth exchange "New Opportunities for Youth" in Požega

Published at 2016-02-15
Change it! organization participated as a partner on project "New Opportunities for Youth" in Požega, Croatia from 6 to 14 August 2015. The main aim of the youth exchange "New Opportunities for Youth" is education of young people about unemployment and entrepreneurship.