Exchange "Youth Up! 15-23.6.2017 Slavnoski Brod, Croatia

Published at 2017-07-20
This project topic was "Job opportunities in rural areas", to other meaning belong for example exchange norms, values, traditions, habits or sport skills. During the exchange, we had the chance to explore different lifestyles in different settings and what facilities it offers to youngsters. Participant countries were except Czech republic almost all Balkan countries like Bosnia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greek and of course Croatia, and Turkey and Poland.

Project "Winning the Game" in Croatia

Published at 2016-11-24
In between June and October of 2016, 120 participants from 9 different European countries – Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Croatia came together with a cause to create more awareness towards employability and stimulation of entrepreneurial thinking through the Erasmus+ financed project called Winning the Game! The project itself consisted out of three main activities: Advanced Planning Visit (APV), first and second Youth Exchange.

Global Leaders in Prague August 2016

Published at 2016-11-08
Over 20 active young people came to Prague for further non-formal education training course. Participants came from 6 European countries - Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic.

The most inspirational and heartbreaking European stories about immigrants

Published at 2016-10-27
Have you ever heard about European Press Prize? The award for excellence in journalism is organized every year and journalist from all over the Europe are trying to win it. This year was quite unique because journalists decided to write about really combustible topics and one of them was the immigration crisis. Final ceremony was held in Prague, Czech Republic and it was very emotional.

Young Entrepreneurs Now in Berlin

Published at 2016-10-10
How can 42 people change themselves in 9 days to became something more than have been before? To became independent and responsible entrepreneurs? To be competent and motivated to change everything what is around them? Easily with Erasmus+ program. So stay while and listen to our story.